Andrews County Library

Volunteering Opportunities

One of the hands-on ways you can be a part of the Andrews County Library is to become a member of VITAL (Volunteers in the Andrews Library), a volunteer program set up through the Friends of the Andrews County Library. The purpose of VITAL is to provide consistent, coordinated, timely assistance to the paid staff of the Andrews County Library. Each Volunteer is trained in the general policies and procedures of the library and to perform their specific volunteer task(s). Volunteers are allowed to select tasks suited to their likes and dislikes or individual abilities. Tasks range from cleaning to shelving books to helping in the Computer Lab to aiding in technical services or children's program, and volunteers can work anytime during library hours on a daily, weekly or monthly time slot that fits their individual schedules. Volunteers record their hours each time they work. These records are needed for state reports and for matching volunteer grants available through several different oil companies. These funds support a variety of library programs. If you are interested in VITAL, please call the library at 432-523-9819 or email Dana Bonham at Your time and willingness to help us provide better service to the library and the citizens of Andrews County is greatly appreciated